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    Step out of the grey and show your true colours

    Step out of the grey area and show your true colours Adding a splash of colour is a highly effective way to jazz up your workspace... more >

    Celebrate your office culture

    HOW TO CREATE YOUR IDEAL WORKSPACE - PART II Creative? Traditional? What's your office culture and why does it matter so much? Now that you've determined the goals and reasons for redesigning your office space, the next step is to make sure that the space you work in is aligned with the culture of your business... more >

    Longing for an inspiring office?

    HOW TO CREATE YOUR IDEAL WORKSPACE - PART I  Are you longing for an inspiring office like Google's? Or maybe you'd just settle for a splash of colour? Look around you - if your office is enclosed by uninspiring off-white walls and rows of open plan desks, you don't have to break the bank to achieve an inspiring office space... more >

    Don’t have the slide or the skateboards? Worried your office isn’t quirky or fun enough?

    If you've been looking around for inspiration and ideas on how to make your workplace more inspiring, productive, fun, on-trend... more >

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    According to research, sitting is the new smoking of our generation... more >

    Your employees are your biggest asset.... aren't they?

    Is worker well-being just another fad, like "activity based working", "hot-desking" or "collaborative spaces"? Apparently not... more >

    What happened to our privacy?

    What happened to our privacy? Following the undisputed drive for open plan, shared work spaces, the top complaint from office workers is now a lack of privacy... more >

    You are being judged....

     What's more, the condition of your office could be costing you valuable business; Here are the facts:  • 60% of staff are put off working for a company with second-rate offices  • 75% of professionals would think twice about awarding a contract to a business with shabby offices and out-dated equipment... more >

    2015 Trends

    Whether you're a multinational organisation or a small business, it pays to have a sense of where the next opportunities and risks lie on the horizon... more >

    What's on your workplace wish list? Here's the top 5 that won't break the bank...

    If you want to attract and retain the best staff, the creation of an appealing workplace means that the company is perceived internally and externally as the sort of organisation people want to work for... more >