Don’t have the slide or the skateboards? Worried your office isn’t quirky or fun enough?


If you've been looking around for inspiration and ideas on how to make your workplace more inspiring, productive, fun, on-trend.... chances are you've come across the ubiquitous office slide, the Nerf guns, the scooters, the orange sofas and football tables?

But before you feel like your office is woefully inadequate, just ask yourself - are these quirky ideas actually making people more productive and inspired or is it simply allowing staff time to regress? Is it being creative for creative's sake, is it the best use of the budget and is it really what the people who work there want?

According to behaviour psychologists, office space, morale and productivity are evidently connected. However, there needs to be a balance between work and fun at the office, too much fun becomes regressive but the right blend of fun and productivity, if it is skilfully balanced, can spark creativity and foster better team cohesion and engagement.

Contrary to speculations that re-designing the office space requires a huge capital outlay, there are small investments of money and time that can have a huge impact on productivity.

Here are 5 tips to make your office more productive:

Lighting  - Incorporate more light into the office space - natural light is best. It not only enhances your office environment, research has proved it also has a positive effect on staff productivity and is crucial for boosting morale. However, a variety of colours and a spectrum of lighting levels will ensure workers are stimulated and less likely to feel sluggish and listless.

Space - Today's trend is to support collaboration in all its forms - problem solving, mentoring, communication and information sharing. In order to achieve this, there is a need to develop more open spaces in the office.  Our workplace design has evolved to incorporate flexibility & creativity.

Facilities (flexible workstations, kitchens, breakout areas) - Allowing staff to move around, perhaps with the introduction flexible workstations and break out areas which allow workers to change posture during the course of the day can alleviate problems of discomfort and lethargy and lead to increased productivity and satisfaction. Making sure a workspace has a variety of facilities, from desks and private areas to meeting rooms, kitchens and break out areas, allows workers to choose when and where to get things done which leads to workers feeling more empowered and willing to do more.

Furniture & Ergonomics - According to recent studies, over 80% of workers experience some discomfort from the office furniture they use. So as well as investing in good quality furniture which supports good posture and prevents injury, a break from the sedentary work style can make a huge difference to wellbeing and ultimately productivity.

Technology - Giving staff access to the tools to allow them to not only "do" their jobs, but excel at their work is the most basic of requirements but one which is frequently overlooked. In today's ever aggressive and competitive world, not incorporating the right technology only undermines their very existence in the workplace. We are able to advise and provide our clients with the very latest integrated technology solutions to keep their business ahead of the game.

When it comes to raising the standards of productivity, inspiration and collaboration, it's the basics you need to be getting right. You don't necessarily have to "wow" your staff or customers - the top features of an ideal workplace remain steadfastly the same: Space, comfort, lighting, kitchen facilities and access to technology. These add huge value and won't break the bank.

At Cashman Interiors, we agree that the physical workplace can be a powerful environment in which people can thrive. A workplace designed with employee wellbeing in mind can be a source of pride as well as a source of inspiration to achieve the organization's goals. It can be a place that makes people feel good about being part of the business; a place that they want to show off, a place that is a visual representation of what their company stands for. So if you are planning to make an investment in a facility, make sure it's designed with an understanding of what really matters to the people who work there. 

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