What's on your workplace wish list? Here's the top 5 that won't break the bank...


If you want to attract and retain the best staff, the creation of an appealing workplace means that the company is perceived internally and externally as the sort of organisation people want to work for.

Better workspaces improve efficiency, morale and productivity. But workspace improvements do not require a huge capital outlay; there are small investments that can have a huge impact.

Recent studies have shown that despite the arrival of new technology and an emphasis on collaboration and team working, the list of priorities for employees remains steadfast.

Good Lighting

One of the most influential elements to any space is lighting. It can create ambiance, enhance brand and culture and can contribute to improved productivity. Any space can be lit to create remarkable effects and can be one of the best ways to show off your space.

Temperature - better heating/cooling

Keeping offices comfortable for employees is virtually impossible, since it means different things to different people. Upgrade existing systems and create warm and cool zones to suit different team members.

Comfortable surroundings, including more social space

There is now more emphasis on social spaces. Dining areas and lounges encourage employees to get together and interact informally. Social spaces are conducive to idea sharing and information exchange and some of the best ideas are formed outside of the boardroom.

Better quality furnishings

Comfortable furniture can make a huge difference to aesthetics and employee productivity. An upgrade can change the overall appearance of the office and by choosing complementary furniture in corporate colours you can provide a positive workspace and promote your brand.

Fast Wi-Fi and better technology

You may have to upgrade certain IT systems like external network access, cloud computing, hardware and telephony. Wifi connectivity is key, so reliable access is essential.


So if you think that a furniture or lighting upgrade or changes to your HVAC systems could be just the thing to put smiles back on the faces of the team, then challenge us to transform your workspace into a productive, inspiring environment in which your business can thrive.


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