You are being judged....


 What's more, the condition of your office could be costing you valuable business;

Here are the facts:

 • 60% of staff are put off working for a company with second-rate offices

 • 75% of professionals would think twice about awarding a contract to a business with shabby offices and out-dated equipment.

 • 33% of managers are too embarrassed to invite customers or business partners to their offices because of poor design and run-down decor and equipment

And if that's not enough, poor working environments damage staff morale and cut productivity. But if you suppose you can't afford a workplace makeover... think again. 

Make sure you conduct a thorough and careful analysis of your exact requirements where the constraints and opportunities are examined, the functions of the employees are addressed together with their storage requirements, future plans for the business are considered and budget and cost issues are addressed.

Ongoing budget management means your expectations are managed; there are no hidden extras, no nasty surprises. Driving efficiency at every stage of the project, means you achieve the right balance between quality and cost.

Lease finance plans offer one all inclusive monthly payment for the entire project. This means a workplace makeover doesn't have to be out of reach. It can often overcome budget limitations by providing a solution to meet your needs, rather than one which your budget dictates.

With staff costs representing on average 85% of a business's costs, a mere 2 to 5% increase in staff performance and productivity easily covers the total cost of improvements to the working environment.

Simple improvements to your workplace can:

• Rejuvenate your business

• Inspire your workforce

• Improve operational efficiency

• Enhance corporate image and identity

• Add to your bottom line

So if you see your employees as your single biggest asset and want to increase their productivity, perhaps now is the time to consider a makeover. From full scale fit-outs to simple space planning, redecorations and furniture upgrades, challenge the office interiors and workplace design specialists to improve your workspace.

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