Bosch Rexroth Case Study

A new reception - design and build

As a leading provider of drive and control solutions in the areas of Industrial Hydraulics, Electric Drives, Automobile Technology and Assembly Technologies, Rexroth Bosch develops and manufactures a vast range of products. With an international focus, the company promotes a unique culture of innovation by means of a systematic product engineering process. The Group required a unique, prestigious and expansive new reception area for their premises in Cambridgeshire, appropriate to and befitting a company of their status and reputation.

We were required to provide a unique end-to-end solution for a modern, spacious reception area. This involved an innovative concept design to transform and improve their existing working environment.

Our specialist expertise and our core values of creative boldness, passion and enthusiasm for the project appealed to the Rexroth Bosch Group and we were appointed as main contractors for this project. They required a holistic approach and a team in touch with current technology, design innovation and able to meet the project deadlines.

A careful analysis of the existing environment and practices enabled us to design an environment compatible with the company's vision and ideology. The consultation process ensured that our team of experts delivered a creative and innovative design whilst still remaining practical. The project team effectively coordinated and managed the different teams involved with the construction and installation of the project. We successfully delivered the new reception area in a coordinated manner to exceptionally high standards, on time and within budget.

Client: Bosch Rexroth Ltd.
Size: 1,000 sq.ft.
Location: St Neots, Cambridge

Cashman Interiors provided a service above and beyond my expectations..

Project Manager
Bosch Rexroth.