Folding Partitions

With flexibility of space becoming increasingly important, you can divide up your space, enlarge or reduce your working environments with the addition of sliding folding partitions. This is an ideal, temporary way of utilising existing space efficiently, effectively and economically.

Whether you want to sub-divide an office, host more than one function in a room simultaneously or create a number of rooms from one large floor space, we have a solution to suit all requirements and budgets.

The benefits of folding partitions are that you can use your space more effectively, turning one room into two and back again in a matter of seconds. The acoustic values of our partitions means that dividing meeting rooms or training suites preserves confidentiality and disturbance is kept to a minimum. Our partitions start from simple low cost space dividers up to executive ranges with high quality veneered surfaces and extremely high levels of sound exclusion.

We offer a variety of colours, materials and textures to blend with any situation.