zero to landfill

‘Zero To Landfill': YES, We Care About The Environment, Too!

Here at Cashman Interiors Ltd., our team of experts carefully plan and install all our projects to deliver first class working environments. Whether the requirement is for an improvement to an existing working environment or for a complete fit-out, refurbishment or relocation, we provide tailored services to suit individual requirements, from concept through to completion of a project.

However, we recognise both our direct and indirect impact on the environment and understand that we are responsible for taking care of the waste we produce. We also know that our clients want to reduce the impact they have on the environment so we are committed to providing the most sustainable solution possible. This is why we have adopted a strict environmental policy that aims to:

- Significantly cut our carbon footprint

- Protect our natural resources

- Reduce waste with improved operating practices

- Ensure responsible and safe waste management and disposal

The good news is we have found the right waste management company to help us achieve these aims, one that cares for the environment and communities that our clients' live in. A partnership with Cashman Interior Services Ltd. and Dunmow Waste Management, with their ‘Zero To Landfill' policy, ensures that our clients attain the interior services they require...while keeping the environment safer and less polluted.

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Zero To Landfill - What Is This All About?

The whole concept behind ‘zero to landfill' is very straightforward. As the phrase suggests, it means we don't send any of the waste that results from our services to landfills. We, together with our waste management partner, extract as much recyclable material from the waste stockpile as possible and recycle it. As for the remaining materials, they go to an energy recovery plant.

The Benefits For Us And For YOU!

For us and Dunmow Waste Management, waste doesn't mean ‘useless', it means opportunities for us and unbeatable benefits for our clients. Let's take a look at the reasons why adopting a ‘zero to landfill' approach is one of the best practices when it comes to efficiently and sustainably managing waste:

  • Significant Cost Reduction:

            For businesses, this is one of the biggest benefits of an efficient ‘zero to landfill' approach, and it has been documented in numerous case studies. HP             in California, for example, reduced their waste massively - eliminating 95% of their production's waste. This, in turn, led to a savings of $870,564 in             1998. Epson, on the other hand, reduced their waste to ZERO and that translated to a $300,000-savings. And to end our list of examples, we've got             Xerox, Corp. who experienced a savings of $45M since their adaptation of ‘Zero To Landfill' during the early 1990s.

            While this is good for Cashman Interiors, Ltd., our clients, more importantly, benefit from it too. It means we can keep the prices of our interior             refurbishing and out-fitting services as low as possible and pass the savings on to you.

  • Systematic Waste Reduction:

            The advantages of our waste management approach goes beyond the financial benefits. By partnering with Dunmow Waste Management, we             systematically reduce the pollution and solid waste that goes into the environment, which is damaging to the communities around it.

A partnership with Cashman Interior Services Ltd. and Dunmow Waste Management, not only means first class working environments, it means first class sustainable working environments and a contribution towards the improvement of our planet's long-term viability - preserving it and keeping Earth healthy for future generations.